Operation Compliance: Tamworth police book drivers using phones behind the wheel in one-day blitz

CLOSE to a dozen motorists had been nabbed in the first hours of a one-day blitz targeting motorists in the Tamworth CBD on Wednesday.

Operation Compliance 4 saw highway officers, general duties police and plain clothes personnel roam the streets looking for motorists using a phone behind the wheel, driving with an unsecured load and not wearing a seatbelt.

Highway officer Sergeant Michael Buko said the operation was part of a statewide blitz. 

“These are all factors that can cause serious accidents or even result in deaths on our roads,” he told The Leader.

“It’s illegal for a reason and police will continue to detect this activity and motorists will have to wear the fine and the loss of demerits when they do the wrong thing.”


By 4pm, police had fined seven drivers for using phones in the CBD and issued infringements for two unsecured loads.

Sergeant Buko said motorists risked a loss of four demerit points and a $337 fine if they were caught using their phone behind the wheel, even if they were stopped at a roundabout or traffic light.