The Northern Daily Leader
The Northern Daily Leader is the New England North West's only dedicated daily newspaper.

Printed six days a week from Monday to Saturday, our journalists break news and events via the masthead’s website seven days a week.

The Leader’s journalists live and work in the region, and are part of the community, producing local, state and national news, as well community and sports events, with a strong focus on how it impacts local people.

The Leader has been at the forefront of local news in Tamworth for more than a century - the Tamworth Examiner and Tamworth News became the Northern Daily Leader on January 1, 1921- telling the stories that matter from council to court, and rural, to business and real estate happenings.

While perhaps best known as the Country Music Capital, Tamworth and surrounds has a big agricultural and industrial base, and excellent connections by road and air to both Sydney in the south and Brisbane to the north.

The region also has an emerging university culture. The University of New England (UNE) has plans for a new campus in Tamworth in addition to its traditional Armidale base.

The Leader reflects the great diversity that the region has to offer. It takes in more than a dozen local government areas, spanning more than 80,000km, with a boundary extending from the Queensland border and Tenterfield in the north, to Moree in the west, and down to the Upper Hunter.

The Leader also publishes a weekly agricultural newspaper called the Country Leader which is inserted in other mastheads across the region.