Faces of Tamworth: The woman behind the park, Florence 'Granny' Munro

One of the features of Granny Munro Park.
One of the features of Granny Munro Park.

If you’ve ever kicked a footy in Granny Munro Park, you’re probably wondering: who is the lady behind the name? Granny Munro was a well-known elder within the Aboriginal community who strived tirelessly for equality within the region.

Florence “Granny” Munro moved to Tamworth in the 1940s, and formed a branch of the Australian Inland Mission Women’s Fellowship.

The branch rendered help for local Aboriginals and undertook the task of collecting clothing and forwarding it to others in need.

Heavily invested as an Aboriginal welfare worker, she was very highly regarded in the community for promoting harmony between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.

The loving mother of 10 didn’t just take care of her own: she also adopted and reared seven other children within the Tamworth community.

Granny was a very spiritual woman, who was heavily involved with scripture and worked within a local church, where she spread the word of scripture by running a Sunday school.

Granny passed away in December in 1987; following her death, MP Joseph Schipp opened a new park in Tamworth on April 7, 1991.

It’s located on the corner of Kenny Drive and Warral Rd in Coledale, and in honour of her work with the community, the park was named after her lovingly bestowed nickname.

This park is now known as a cultural meeting ground where moments of play occur, but it also houses a community and cultural hub for the Indigenous community.

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