Tamworth King George V Avenue oaks replanted by Tamworth Regional Council

FACE LIFT: Tamworth Regional Council councillor Juanita Wilson. Photo: Gareth Gardner
FACE LIFT: Tamworth Regional Council councillor Juanita Wilson. Photo: Gareth Gardner

THE ONLY avenue of oaks in the state is undergoing a much-needed face lift.

Tamworth’s King George Avenue is a walker’s favourite, this month more than a dozen new English Oak trees are being planted by Tamworth Regional Council.

Spade in hand, councillor Juanita Wilson was on the avenue on Tuesday to plant the first new tree.

“This avenue has got so much significance for so many people for so many different reasons,” she said.

“The avenue has really elicited huge support from the community and I think that goes back to what I was saying that for many people it serves different purposes.

“One lady who spoke to me from Europe said she missed Germany so much she would drive down here sometimes and just sit because it restored her soul.”

A $30,000 state government heritage grant is funding the planting, where three metre tall trees will share the strip with the original 1936 gentle giants.

The historic trees were gazetted as an item of state heritage significance in 2014.

It’s the second planting of the avenue since its gazetting, Cr Wilson said.

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“There’s another 13 being replanted this year to replace those that have died,” she said.

“The state heritage listing makes sure there’s no inappropriate action and the planting is done at an appropriate time.

“It ensures that it’s given due care and consideration to make sure the prosperity of the trees is really secure.”

The Tamworth hot spot has incredible rarity, its one of only two memorial avenues to King George V in NSW, and originally 318 trees were planted.

The cathedral-like canopy runs for 1.5 kilometres along King George Avenue.