Tamworth plant robbery: criminals steal shrubs from Tamworth shopping centre

LANDSCAPERS are trying to track down a thief with a green thumb who stole $380 worth of plants.

Under the cover of darkness, the criminals stole ten Japanese Buxus, a hardy compact shrub between Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning in Tamworth.

Programmed Property Services manager Curtis Williams turned to Facebook to track down the thieves.

“I know plants aren’t the highest priority on people’s list, though this project was meant to add amenity value to the community and at this rate the plants will be all gone by the weekend,” he said.

“We are reviewing the camera footage and this has been reported to the police, though as social media normally has a broader reach we are asking for your help.”

A security guard will now be posted randomly throughout the night at the Tamworth Home Maker Centre to protect the slow growing, shade tolerant hedge.

An Oxley Police District spokesman said police are making inquiries about the stolen Buxus Japonica.

“You can’t just dig up someone’s plants and take them,” he said.

“Sometime during the night someone has taken the plants – it’s not a typical crime.

“They’re just a standard hedge, I don’t know why people would steal them instead of buying them themselves.”

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The project took two weeks to complete, and Mr Williams said 26 plants went missing along the highway on the first night, another 13 on the second.

“Hopefully we’ll get responses but I doubt we’ll get plants back, at the rate they were going we would have run out of plants by the weekend,” he said.

“The combined cost of repurchasing them and putting them back in the ground – we’re up to $3000.”

But, Mr Williams said there’s still an amnesty opportunity for the green-thumbed thief.

“We’d love to see a pile of plants sitting there, that’d be great,” he said.

Police are reviewing CCTV footage from the area and appeal for anyone with information to contact Tamworth police on 6768 2999.