Conditions impact on markets

Tough times: Saleyard offerings have been reflecting the lack of rain.
Tough times: Saleyard offerings have been reflecting the lack of rain.


February 15 – yarding 850. As the number of days increased since the last useful rain event, so did the numbers. It was a very mixed quality penning of young cattle, which also showed variation in condition. There were a few well-finished heavy grown steers along with a good supply of well-finished cows and grown heifers. The market trend for well-finished grown heifers was firm to cheaper. The cow market was also cheaper, down by 10c to 14c/kg on the well finished heavy weights.


February 20 – yarding 2950. Numbers remained steady despite a number of cancellations due to late afternoon storms. All categories were represented, however young cattle made up the bulk of the offering. Quality was fair to good through all categories while a big percentage saw condition reflecting the season. Well finished grown heifers saw little change. There was solid demand from processors for all classes of cows with the market trend generally unchanged.

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February 19 – yarding 2870. There was a further increase in numbers with little or no rain. Weaners, yearlings and cows made up the bulk of the offering with limited supplies of well-finished heavy grown steers and heifers. It was a mixed quality penning reflecting poor seasonal conditions. There were substantial discounts for plain quality light condition young cattle with little interest shown in the face of a severe lack of feed and water. Heavy grown steers sold to a cheaper trend.