Tamworth switch flicked for power upgrade

ESSENTIAL Energy recently completed a powerline upgrade in Tamworth’s central business district to strengthen the local electricity network in the city’s commercial centre.

Acting regional general manager Peter Hyde said late last week the upgrade was part of Essential Energy’s ongoing commitment to ensuring the reliability of the power network in the Tamworth CBD.

“The first stage of this significant project was completed over the past three months by our specialised crews which included the installation of more than 1.5km of larger-capacity underground cable along Kable Ave and parts of White and Peel streets – and the relocation and upgrade of a padmount transformer,” Mr Hyde said.

The complex project involved cable being laid in congested locations of the CBD with specialised equipment used to under-bore sections and other parts dug by hand to protect infrastructure such as telephone cabling and water mains.

“Crews have also installed a new switching station which will provide additional back-up options for supplying electricity should an unplanned power supply interruption occur in the CBD,” Mr Hyde said.

“The upgrade is about ensuring that we are able to provide a safe and secure power supply to businesses and meet future energy demands.”

The final stage of the project included installing two new power poles and removing more than 300 metres of overhead powerlines and seven power poles along Kable Ave between Hill and White streets.

How Kable Ave looks after the power upgrade.

How Kable Ave looks after the power upgrade.