Letters to the Editor || Open letter to New England MP Barnaby Joyce || Jan Kleeman

New England MP Barnaby Joyce.
New England MP Barnaby Joyce.

The article published in both Armidale Express and Northern Daily Leader: “Barnaby Joyce calls on Labour to leave APVMA”, 7 Sept 2018, raises a number of questions for which I trust you can provide further information for the benefit and edification of the broader Armidale Community.

• For WHAT REASONS were you not supported by any other member of Cabinet in your quest for the relocation APVMA from Canberra to Armidale?

• Since relocation of part of the APVMA from Canberra to Armidale is underway and more than $11m committed to accommodate and facilitate the move, WHAT ARE YOUR REASONS at this particular point in time in requesting a “rock solid commitment” from the Labour party” now that it is “up and running in Armidale”, and to call on “the Labor Party to retract  previous statements”?

You have stated “One of the great advantages of having the regulator in town is that all the chemical companies will gravitate towards Armidale, giving the city another anchor industry. Without APVMA, they’re not going to come.”

Given that the APVMA is the Govt. statutory authority responsible for INDEPENDENTLY evaluating the safety and performance of pesticides and veterinary medicines intended for sale and to monitor the market to provide assurance that only those products that meet the APVMA’s requirements are being supplied:

• FOR WHAT REASONS do you consider that one of the great advantages of the relocation is that “all of the chemical companies will gravitate towards Armidale”?

• FOR WHAT REASONS do you consider that all of the chemical companies will WANT to come to Armidale if there is an APVMA presence, but will not want to come if there is no APVMA presence?

• What would be the precise nature of the anchor industries they would provide for Armidale? [Manufacturing? Administrative? Retail? R&D? Field testing? Govt. lobbying? etc].

• DO ALL OF THE CHEMICAL COMPANIES REQUIRE GUARANTEES such as those you are currently requesting from the Labor Party to establish “anchor industries in Armidale”? 

Your response to these questions will be greatly appreciated.

Jan Kleeman 

Donald Creek