Letters to the Editor || Leadership is the word || Shane Moran

On the hop: Malcolm Turnbull and Barnaby Joyce meet punters at the Tamworth racetrack in 2017.
On the hop: Malcolm Turnbull and Barnaby Joyce meet punters at the Tamworth racetrack in 2017.

When you turn on the news or get a mainstream newspaper you now hear about leadership speculation again in the Liberal Party. While Peter Dutton gets mentioned, this voter believes Tony Abbott is probably the clearer alternative to Malcolm Turnbull.

Malcolm Turnbull must work in a very constructive manner on his leadership by scrapping the big business tax cuts and support coal power energy solutions in balancing out the National Energy Guarentee (NEG). 

While this voter feels his budgets have been fair he needs to appeal more to working and small business people by keeping taxes lower and rewarding their efforts to grow the economy. 

Youth unemployment issues in rural areas are still at a high, federal dollars into vocational and technical education through the TAFE system so youth that leave school can have more confidence in finding suitable employment. 

And finally rural infrastructure whether it be the NBN, roads, rail and airports etc by lowering the private investment threshold from $100 million threshold to $50 million it insures that the taxpayer gets a fairer deal on the public-private partnership element and therefore it creates more jobs building the infrastructure. 

Tony Abbott is talking about his own solutions and offering his own alternatives to that of Malcolm Turnbull. that much is clear. This voter has offered a small L Liberal approach to Tony Abbott.

Malcolm Turnbull can turn things around by working constructively with his colleagues and the voting public.  Otherwise we’re likely again to see it become a matter of leadership once more. And as I know the conversations are being had at the BBQ on Friday nights. 

Leadership, never has one word meant so much.

Shane Moran