Sheep mauled by domestic dogs on Woolbrook property sparks responsible pet ownership calls

A FAMILY was forced to put down 21 of their own sheep mauled in a bloody dog attack, while another eight had already been killed on their Woolbrook property. 

They are now calling on tighter domestic dog ownership laws to protect the right of producers.

Jazmine Hobbs’ family sheep mob had been on agistment at a relative’s property at Woolbrook without incident until she spotted three domestic dogs running down the road on Friday morning  – one of them covered in blood.

She immediately went to check the sheep, before phoning the police and her father when she made the grim discovery.

“We had to put 21 of the injured sheep down, eight had already died and most of them had drowned in the dam, three we saved, and only 11 were unharmed,” she said.

“It’s just so brutally heartbreaking when you do everything to support the sheep.

“Some you’ve had since they were born.

“They’re our livelihood – our food source and our income. 

“There are people out there who own dogs and they don’t practise responsible pet ownership.”

Ms Hobbs shared photos of the incident on Facebook, which has since attracted waves of support.

“I’ve had a big response on my Facebook post,” she said.

“Some positive, some negative. I understand the pictures are awful and confronting, but I want people to understand this is the reality for a lot of people.

“If it’s going to change, something has to happen.”

Ms Hobbs said she has identified the town dogs to police.

“Sheep producers should not have to protect their animals from domestic dogs and the only solution to this is that domestic dog ownership laws must change to ensure producers’ animals are protected,” she said.

Police told The Leader on Tuesday that investigations into the incident are continuing.


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