Anais set for Tamworth Country Music Festival | VIDEO

Anais Campbell, a teenager from Brisbane who was discovered on Instagram, will be busy during the festival, playing 13 gigs.

Despite still being 17 and having only just completed high school, Anais has already recorded an eight-track EP in Nashville, which has had two single releases from it.

That came about after producers Will and Michelle Gawley from Lighthouse Records spotted the teenager on social media.

“I used to post a lot of videos on Instagram and Facebook, just 30-second cover videos, and I got this video on Instagram from someone saying they were a producer in Nashville,” Anais said.

She showed the message on her phone to her father.

“They said they really enjoyed my sound, my look, and they would like to work with me further. But coming over social media we weren’t really sure how much of it was true, because we hadn’t heard of these people before, and it’s not like we knew many people in Nashville who we could ask if it was for real.”

But Anais kept in contact with the Nashville producers via email and Skype during 2016, and at the end of that year Anais was making her way to Nashville, where she would record an EP and shoot a music video, all before her 17th birthday.

“It was a very supportive environment and everyone was very supportive of my creative decisions, and I’m talking about people who have been in the industry 20-30 years, so it was amazing that they could look past my age - I was 16 at the time - and see me as someone who was presenting musical ideas.

“It was so cool to see how the songs started and what they were transformed into after the band and the production side of it.

“They understood the creative direction I really wanted to take my music in, and it was an amazing process.”

She also took lessons with Beyonce’s own vocal coach, Kim Wood Sandusky during her time in the States.

“We got to her penthouse apartment and it was just record after record and poster after signed poster on her walls,” Anais recalled. “It was amazing. It was very intense but she gave me a lot to work on. She was awesome, very, very supportive.”

Anais has now visited Nashville twice, and Two Our Home, the second single from her eight-track EP, Push Through, was released at the end of last year.

“It’s definitely the most fun song that I think I’ve written so far, I really wanted something to go on the EP that was just toe-tapping.

“I’m very much a ballad writer, so I really enjoy writing those super heartfelt songs that really make you think about something, but this was complete fun and written from a place of adventure and I just wanted to encourage people to live life as freely as possible.”

Four years ago she attended the Academy of Country Music during her first visit to the Tamworth Country Music Festival, and she has got increasingly busier at each festival since.

“The first year that we went to the festival we went for the experience, rather than the actual performing,” she said.

At her second festival, Anais did several gigs with Murphy’s Pigs, and she will be singing with them again this year.


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