Letters to the editor: Tuesday, October 10

Same-sex marriage poll

The opinion poll on homosexual marriage is set to undermine the freedom of expression which marks our society.

Those urging a Yes vote have not even attempted to address the plethora of issues it has the capacity to unleash.

Rather than ignore the matter or claim it is too complex to consider, ask yourself whether any sane individual would buy a car without checking whether it has an engine. Of course they would take a look and yet Australians are being asked to buy the biggest single cultural change in our society by answering simply Yes or No without being given the opportunity to peek under the bonnet. Old values go by wayside. 

Where is the master plan for what comes next? Who has thought this through? Loss of faith in organised religion and loathing of tradition may well explain why Christianity is increasingly slammed and sidelined. However, has anyone given any thought to where basic values will come from? Focusing on elimination and riddance is one thing, but where is the substitute stream flowing from?

Equality and fair treatment for all is certainly not at the heart of biased programs such as Respectful Relationships being pushed in schools. When I was growing up, repeating the verse “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” was daily routine. Yes, it’s a Bible verse, Luke 6:31.

Considering Christmas cards are on the brink of extinction in schools and all Christian references are being expelled, will such values be banished too? Do we place no value on them anymore? That verse was as much part of daily guidance as brushing teeth, washing hands and saying thank you for dinner before leaving the table.

Who can question that being raised with Christian values gives you a solid moral compass? Basic principles of kindness and compassion never go out of style, even if Christianity has become the new heterosexuality and is damned now as the traditional family unit. Having good intentions are, I find, central to sleeping soundly at night. Of course, the placards “vote yes for same-sex marriage and for (so called) safe schools” misrepresent the views of most same-sex marriage supporters but social re-engineering is certainly the agenda of the countercultural warriors who are driving this campaign.

They don’t want to join marriage; they want to change it. The more marriage is broadened out, the less it means; but once it means almost anything, it can end up meaning nothing much at all and a great pillar of society designed originally for the protection of women and the nurturing of children has been kicked away.

For all the narrow-mindedness of the recent past, at least there was a clear understanding that the concept of marriage as the loving union of one man with one woman, preferably for life and usually dedicated to wellbeing of their children, was an essential part of keeping in check the selfish and exploitative side of humanity.

Everywhere we look, what was self-evident just a generation ago is now under assault; and we’re not just junking old prejudices in favour of sensible things like allowing women to tackle numerous roles once reserved for men.

It’s becoming a different world where gender is no longer objectively set but is whatever people choose; where prepubescent children are permitted (as far as they can) actually to change their sex; where doctors are expected to assist people to die rather than help them to live; and where schoolchildren can’t give each other Christmas cards lest that seem unfair to non-Christians.

I guess I like the way it is now and can see the problems in the push for the Yes vote. I ask your readers to vote No and keep our society together. We have enough hassles already without the undiscussed problems that a Yes vote will bring at this point in time.

Warren Woodley OAM, Tamworth

Dual citizenship debate

The Northern Daily Leader in their 15-8-2017 edition reported what Barnaby Joyce said when other Politicians, referring to the Green Senators, get caught out on duel citizenship. I quote

"Unfortunately that's the law. It is like if you are driving down the road without a licence and get pulled over, well you are in a spot of bother.

They are Members of Parliament , but it is quite clear on Section 44, you can't be a Member of Parliament and have dual citizenship - it's black and white.

Now Larissa said she believed that was not the case, and I am sure that will be the outcome for Scot Ludham, but unfortunately ignorance is not an excuse"

I believe that the High Court's interpretation of the Australia's Constitution  Section 44 will endorse Barnaby Joyce's comments that unfortunately ignorance is not an excuse.

A.E. Stannard, Hillvue

World community day

The Salvation Army Tamworth is hosting The 2017 World Community Day and the Fellowship of the Least Coin Service on Friday 27th of October. The morning will be held at The Salvation Army Worship and Community Centre, 328 Goonoo Goonoo Rd, commencing at 10am.

Historically these events were attended by women in the community only, so we would like to invite and encourage gentlemen to attend. Special guests for the day are Majors Norm and Isobel Beckett who currently serve as Area Officers for The Salvation Army in North / North West NSW. Previously, the Beckett’s have served in overseas appointments in Latvia and Taiwan.

Following the service, there will be a fellowship morning tea. For any enquiries please contact The Salvation Army church office on 02 6762 3930.

Captains Dean & Rhonda Clutterbuck, Corp Officers, Tamworth


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