Letter | When Is Enough Too Much

I seriously can't understand the logic in the way that some people think.

The current Flying Fox colony is estimated to be over 100,000 and these critters are still classed as a 'Threatened Species'. I'd like to know how many more do we need to have before this classification is changed?

Whilst I totally feel sorry for all those who live along the Peel River and for what they have to put up with on a daily basis. I really feel that by removing non native trees from the area isn't going to fix the problem. It will only move the problem to somewhere else.

When the Flying Foxes first came to town a few years ago there wasn't many of them and the council should have moved them on then. They have now gotten out of hand and the Flying Foxes are spreading closer to Nemingha and everyone has to suffer because one can't touch them.

I understand that they have a part to play in the pollination of plants. But so do other animals. It's not just about them.

Jenny George



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