How do we get people to move to Tamworth?

Time for a seventh state

I refer to the article, "Why don't people want to move to Tamworth?" (NDL, 12/01/17). 

The principal reason is lack of employment opportunities for trades, professions and office workers.

So, the optimal solution would be for residents of urban regional communities to recognise that agriculture employs about four percent (4%) of the population yet the representatives of the National Party are able to wangle over 50% of the popular vote at elections so that foreign owned international mining corporations may progress their investments with the minimum of political interference.

Taking Tamworth specifically, the city is now about 50,000 population and planning for 100,000 in the foreseeable future. It is now independent of agriculture for economic growth with this level of population.  

Now the city businesses are more important economically than the squatters and farmers. Thus future growth of Tamworth will require thoughtful civic planning to minimise population impact on established business areas. But it will also require jobs, and so likely government funding that to date has been ignored by all government political parties.

Every de-centralised government job creates about 3.5 new private sector jobs. So, it is time for the residents of Tamworth to demand more of their political representatives.  

Past civic leaders like Warwick Bennet, David John and Max Ellis, to name just a few, placed Tamworth where it is today.  

But the world has changed since then, and now everybody must demand upgraded government public assets and better government services to provide the jobs that are the basis for the future population growth of Tamworth.

Jack Arnold


Climate change  

As I sit here, just about melting, in the middle the latest heat wave, I note that the Bureau Meteorology has just released its Annual Climate Summary for 2016.  

It was the fourth hottest year on record, the wettest May to September on record, March and autumn the hottest on record, and the sea surface temperature the warmest on record. According to the Bureau the Australian climate in 2016 was influenced by anthropogenic climate change and natural drivers.  

The pattern of above temperatures over land and in the sea reflected the contribution of man-made climate change. According to the report, 2016 was a year of extreme weather and here in Tamworth it was no exception.  

We had prolonged a heat wave in February – March, the east coast low in June, followed by constant rain and wild weather all the way through September. November we got a tornado through north and east Tamworth. Extreme weather is characteristic of climate change and it is showing up here in Tamworth

The people have shown time and time again that they support meaningful action on climate change and support renewable energy.  

So when is our MP, Barnaby Joyce going to get to accept that he can’t hide from the reality of climate change any longer? Come on Barnaby the climate solutions, in terms of renewable energy, represent huge economic opportunities for New England. 

Dr Robin Gunning – North Tamworth

Animals die in hot cars

As temperatures soar and reach new records all over the country, please remember that dogs should never be left in parked vehicles.

Even on a mild, 25-degree day, the temperature inside a car parked in the shade can soar to between 37 and 50 degrees in minutes, and on a 30-degree day, the temperature can reach 70 degrees in less than 10 minutes.

Leaving the windows cracked (or even halfway down) and/or leaving water in the vehicle will not keep animals comfortable or safe. With only hot air to breathe, dogs can succumb to heatstroke in as little as 15 minutes, resulting in brain damage or death. Symptoms include restlessness, excessive thirst, heavy panting, lethargy, lack of appetite and coordination, dark tongue, and vomiting.

Please, when it’s warm outside, leave animals at home. If you see a dog left in a car, have the car's owner paged at nearby stores or call 000 immediately—the dog’s life depends on it.

Ashley Fruno – PETA Australia

Moves to a Republic

What if any advantages would becoming a republic bring to Australia’s citizens?

Would it mean: The public purse would not longer pay for Royal Tours? Part of PR.

The dismantling of our system of government? Probably.

Extensive renovations to Canberra’s Parliament House? Undoubtedly.

More politicians? Definitely.

The demise of State Governments? Necessary.

More frequent and more costly election campaigns? Unfortunately.

The abolition of daylight saving? Hopefully.

Relief for the abused and homeless? Not likely.

The cost of housing and living would be reduced? In our dreams ..!

More police and nurses and at the same time with decreased paperwork? Hopefully.

Magistrates and judges with manners appropriate to their station? Doubtful.

The nanning of media throings outside law Courts and citizens homes? A necessity.

The ceasing of all awards except for Bravery? Essential.

Lois Edlington – Tamworth


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