Preserve natural assets for all time

WHAT is it with our current crop of politicians?

All over Australia mining companies are set to destroy the country’s remaining forests.

We have an excessive number of companies set to replace the largest stand of old growth forest in North West NSW with open cut coalmines ... a complete blight on the landscape. 

The Leard Forest embraces critically endangered yellowbox, whitebox, Pilliga box and bimblebox.

These disgraceful actions are set to assist in the extinction of the koala, an Australian icon, along with the diamond firetail, spotted quoll, masked owl and yellow-bellied sheath-tailed bat.

In NSW The National Party is sticking to tradition selling out its constituents, including the long- suffering farmers. Why so many have continued to support these losers through so many broken promises and sell-outs to the Liberal Party and the multinationals (truth in advertising: maybe they should do another re-branding!) is beyond me.

Like the south-west of Tasmania, the Tarkine is an invaluable natural asset that should be preserved for all time. Yet the current generation of self-serving greedy people is set to throw all that away for short- term gain.

It is an absolute disgrace and all involved should be totally ashamed of their actions and/or inactions.

The federal government should exercise their environmental powers to veto any mining in the pristine Tarkine Forest. 

Even John Howard managed to protect the area.




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