Anti-discrimination bill is itself offensive

WITH Mark Dreyfus’ replacing Nicola Roxon as federal Attorney General it will be notable to see if he will abandon her proposed Anti-Discrimination Consolidation Bill.

The second draft of this outrageous bill is due for release in the coming weeks. Because the proposed bill expands discrimination to include conduct that “offends”, “insults” or “intimidates” it has already earned the condemnation of a former NSW Chief Justice who declared, “The freedom to offend is an integral component of free speech.”

As for freedom of the press, editors and journalists will be liable if they write articles or opinions that might offend people with contrary views, including those political. 

Craig Thomson must be presumed innocent unless or until he is found guilty. But if Roxon’s bill becomes law, the onus in law will be reversed. Guilty until proven innocent.

How dangerous is this Gillard Labor government? ALP “greats” of the past, who defended the rights and freedoms of religion, free speech and assembly would not want to  be identified with current Labor. 




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