We may regret our complacency

AUSTRALIANS love sport – all sorts of sport. They also love TV, cars, music, shopping and holidays to almost anywhere. 

Consequently we have earned a reputation for not bothering very much about what our governments are doing, unless it affects the hip pocket.

But we should be concerned about the Federal Attorney- General, Nicola Roxon and her bill, 

supposedly about anti-discrimination, but which is in fact targeting our freedoms.

To soften the impact of this outrageous bill, “exemptions” will be permitted, but they are to be up for “review” in as little as three years. That of course means the possible cancellation of some or all exemptions.

In all Australian law the onus is on the accuser to prove the guilt of the person charged. But not this time! Employers and others (and that includes all church agencies and schools) will have to prove that they did not discriminate. Guilty until proven innocent.

How dangerous is Nicola Roxon’s agenda? Well if we allow ourselves to drift along, one day in the very near future we may regret our complacency.




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