Federal election a chance to consider

In wishing the residents of New England a safe and positive 2013, I also remind them it is a year in which they will be asked to make a very important decision.

The federal election will most likely be held in August, September or October, and it is a chance for all Australians to consider whether the existing government is worthy of another chance.

 In New England, the incumbent independent Tony Windsor’s main challenger will be The Nationals candidate Richard Torbay. All hopes for a positive campaign from Mr Windsor have evaporated in recent weeks when he has personally attacked Mr Torbay and the media.

 Perhaps it is an attempt to deflect public scrutiny of his role in propping up the worst government ever inflicted on this nation, but the feeling I get when I travel through the electorate is the people have not forgotten. Mr Windsor’s smear campaign, ironically the very thing he accuses Tony Abbott of resorting to, should be a warning of what is to come in New England from his camp in the run-up to the election.





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