Lots of bravado but no blame in his game

I must respond to your article on page 4 of The Northern Daily Leader on January 3 headed “Windsor versus Radio Nationals”. 

I know Tony is using that term to try and stir up controversy prior to his Inverell meeting, after the apathy shown by constituents to his meetings held so far in Armidale and Tamworth. He has again (tried the same last year) to link my current employment with Nationals Senator John Williams with my past employment with Radio 2NZ, and hence, that I have some influence over what they say and do. 

Flattering as it may be, Mr Windsor is making himself look foolish. 

It would be the same as someone suggesting ABC New England North West gives Mr Windsor a favoured run because his chief of staff Graham Nuttall worked at the ABC for four years from 1995. Mr Windsor does not mention that. 

Mr Windsor apparently hung-up on 2NZ when he was asked a hard question, something he took umbrage with and couldn’t or didn’t wish to answer. Mr Windsor has not been man enough to apologise to the station for his accusation, so would he expect it would go running cap in hand swooning at his feet like some others? 

Then again, Mr Windsor is very good at accusations with no substance – remember his claims against John Anderson? Lots of bravado under parliamentary privilege but never game to repeat them in public. 

Best not to blame others for his loss of support in the electorate. It started on September 7, 2010.




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