Soccer fans need a strict code of conduct 

I SAID some time ago that if we are not careful the violence of England and Europe will come to Australia. After watching the news over the past couple of months it is obvious that soccer violence is here. 

We have people damning the sport of league and rugby stating that it is a brutal game and that it needs to be cleaned up or mothers will not let their children play. I, however, would not take my grandchildren to a major soccer game. 

The violence started as a small fire and has built into a raging inferno. This type of behaviour must be stopped now before we have scenes like we saw in European and English games. 

The game itself is skilful and the players also, but it is the crowds that it attracts that cause the problem. 

Now, some will say it is only a small minority that cause the trouble, but from what I see on the TV it is spreading quickly throughout the crowds and it is only a matter of time before we have a death on our hands because of mob mentality. 

The appropriate authorities need to act now. They need to stamp their authority on the mob. They need to pressure clubs with the possibility of closed games if they do not enforce a strict code of conduct on their fans. Games should be stopped if the violence gets out of hand. 

Get rid of the violence before it is too late.




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