It is a privilege to camp, not a right 

I am writing to express my disgust at the filthy pigs who camped at the foreshore at the Manilla Ski  Gardens at Keepit Dam recently.

The culprits should be absolutely ashamed of the filth they left behind – bottles, cans, food stuffs, used toilet paper everywhere and rubbish all over the place. 

They didn’t even have the brains to put out their fire and because of the rubbish strewn everywhere, the wind took hold of the fire very quickly. Thanks to the quick thinking of a few campers, they managed to get the fire under control while the Rural Fire Service was called.

I can just imagine the mess their houses are in. They had a complete disregard for other people’s property.

Camping at these places is a privilege, not a right. The culprits should grow up and take responsibility for their actions and take garbage bags with them next time and take their rubbish home.

It is idiots like these who will whinge when these areas are closed.




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