Holiday ruined by thieves in the night

WE HAVE just returned home after a two-week campervan holiday in the Hunter Valley/ New England region.

All was going well and we were having a great time until we reached Tamworth.

We were staying in the Paradise Caravan Park on Sunday, November 11 when someone entered our campervan, some time after 10.30pm, whilst we were asleep and stole my wife’s handbag from under the bed on which we were sleeping.

We lost over $700 in cash, IiTunes cards which we bought for Christmas presents for grandchildren, sunglasses and various other personal effects, as well as all of our cards and licence. When we are travelling we put anything of value in the car with us when we go out, we never thought that there would be a low life whowould enter the van when we were there.

This was a serious loss and upset for my wife and ruined our holiday and we will not be back to Tamworth.

Talking to other campers at the park, many said that they would leave as soon as possible and not extend their stay by a couple of more days, as we were going to, because they did not feel safe any more. The town is losing out because of these grubs. 

Many thanks to police officer Blake who was a comfort in my wife’s distress; also thanks to Adam at Specsavers who helped out with sunglasses so my wife could drive home.

I am a pensioner and my wife works part time and we saved long and hard for this trip only to have it ruined.