Jessica Widders, 29, pleaded guilty to assault and resisting police at Armidale Local Court

A “HICKEY” has set off a domestic fight between two ex-partners at The Royal Hotel.

Jessica Widders, 29, pleaded guilty to common assault and resisting police, at Armidale Local Court on Monday.

It’s the second time an Apprehended Violence Order has been taken out against Widders by the same victim.

Magistrate Michael Holmes asked what a hickey, written in the police evidence, referred to.

“It’s known as a love bite, a bruise left by a kiss. Yes your honour, that’s what it is,” defence solicitor Nick Forrest said.

Police prosecutor sergeant Jim MacDonald was also asked if he knew what it meant.

“I had to look up in the dictionary your honour to find out what it meant,” he said.

Widders assaulted the victim in the early hours of April 1, the court heard, after drinking three bottles of wine with her friends and heading out.

Once at the Royal Hotel, Widders noticed the victim had a “hickey” on his neck and started questioning him about it – an argument ensured and the pair left the pub.

It was then that the accused began throwing the full weight of her body onto the victim, pushing him 100 metres up the road until police intervened, while she was in the midst of pushing him, and tried to put her in the back of the paddywagon.

It’s known as a love bite, a bruise left by a kiss. Yes your honour, that's what it is.

Nick Forrest


The accused resisted, holding on to the back of the cage and wrestling with police and eventually she was taken to the police station but was refused an interview due to her level of intoxication and being hysterical.

Mr Holmes said he would like a presentence report on the matter.

“This is a classic case of domestic violence on the other foot isn’t it?” he said.

“She’s a person with a clear record but there’s ongoing animosity and resentment, there’s obviously deep seeded problems.”

Widders does not have a criminal record, and is not known to police other than these matters.

The matter was adjourned to July 2, with no bail conditions.

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