Hockey: Workies and Kiwis notch Tamworth mens hockey wins

Fresh from a golden National U21s Championship campaign with NSW, Isaac Farmilo and Ehren Hazell were prominent as Workies thrashed Tudor Wests in their Tamworth Men’s first grade hockey clash on Sunday.

The mastery of the defending champions, and their NSW stars, was on full display in the 14-1 demolition with Farmilo smacking seven goals and Hazell three, one of which was a full field run.

Workies coach Andrew Farmilo acknowledged that Tudors were missing a few players, which made things a bit tough for them.

In turn they were full strength.

Despite that Tudors had the better of the play early.

“They had us under pressure a bit and had a couple of penalty corners,” Farmilo said.

But Workies were able to diffuse them, and with pretty much their first real opportunity in possession scored.

“It was then a bit of a stalemate for a while. They scored to make it 1-all,” Farmilo said.

Towards the end of the half Workies started to get a bit of a roll-on, and Tudors were never able to get a footing back in the game.

Farmilo thought everyone played pretty well but did single out Addison Coutman.

“He was really good off the ball,” he said.

“He had a hand in quite a few goals with his running game.”

He scored one himself too.

It was also a big effort from Farmilo and Hazell.

They got home at 4am on Sunday morning after playing in Sydney on Saturday, en route back from Wollongong.

Kiwis then accounted for South United 6-2 in a game Kiwis captain Josh Worpel felt they controlled for a lot of it.

“It was a bit scrappy at times. We missed quite a few chances,” he said.

“We probably should have had double figures goals.”

The missed a few open chances on the posts.

“Our defence was pretty solid,” Worpel said.

They had a couple of lapses, but generally kept Souths out of the circle well.

“We kept Will (Turner) and Harper (Galvin) pretty quiet, which was pretty handy,” he said.

It was about marking in front, and as soon as they got a turnover releasing straight to the midfield.

The midfield were prominent for Kiwis with Antony Doolan, Luke Wilson and Nathan Czinner tearing Souths to shreds, Worpel said.

“We built everything up through the midfield, especially in the second half,” he said.

“We probably bypassed them a bit in the first half.”

He said it was good to hit-back with a win after being outplayed by Workies in their last game.

The two games before that they had held Souths and Tudors scoreless.

“We were off the pace the whole game (against Workies),” Worpel said.

“Yesterday we started well. We scored in the first two minutes which gave us a lot of confidence.”

Having the services of Harry Lewin up front also made a difference.

“He added a bit of speed up front,” Worpel said.

Souths coach Greg Scott said their general skills let them down.

“A lot of it was our own doing,” he said, bemoaning their passing and trapping skills, which led to a lot of turnovers.

And a lot of pressure for keeper Toby Climpson.

He made some good saves for them, Scott said.

“Will finished off a couple of nice goals and Jeremy Blakely tried hard as always but we were off the pace across the board,” he said.