Touching Ducrow family tribute for Gunnedah's Mon Ducrow

Mon Ducrow (centre) as remembered by her granddaughter, Marguerite.
Mon Ducrow (centre) as remembered by her granddaughter, Marguerite.

A tribute from Mon Ducrow’s granddaughter, Marguerite Gill:

“My grandmother Mon, was the most generous, funny and happiest person you ever met. She was my living saint. She went about her life doing lots of kind deeds, without wanting any recognition or thanks. She always saw the good in people and shared her wisdom.

Mon was a loving wife to Joe, they brought up eight beautiful children and had 19 grandchildren. Mon also helped teach young children at the local school and always said hello to everyone she walked past in the street.

As a young girl I would follow Mon round helping her in the garden and kitchen. I loved walking down the local street getting groceries, Mon would sneak me money to buy lollies and toys.

We always looked forward to Christmas at Mon and Joe's house, there was so much love and laughter. The long tables were always filled with lots of food and children running everywhere.

We are all heartbroken at the sudden loss, Mon brought so much light into our lives, but I know God has another angel looking over us. We are better people for having Mon in our lives.”