Double demerits ahead for weekend in Oxley Local Area Command

Double demerits will be back in force from Friday as police step up patrols on the road for the ANZAC Day long weekend.

Local police are urging all motorists to ‘Go Slow’ and take it easy on the roads with the end of school holidays traffic also expected to increase travel times over the public holiday weekend.

Police said already 100 people have been killed on the state’s roads since the start of 2017.

Operation ‘Go Slow,’ starts at midnight on Thursday and runs until midnight on Tuesday. Double demerits are in force for all speeding, mobile phones, seat belt, and motorcycle-helmet offences.

Meanwhile Oxley police have told The Leader they’ll be in touch with licensed venues over the Anzac Day period to ensure patrons remain respectful to the commemorations.

Acting Superintendent Jeff Budd urged members of the community to enjoy the day “safely and respectfully.”

“The venues and members of the liquor accord run a good show,” he said. “We urge people to enjoy themselves and not be silly.”