Same sex marriage debate rages on

Response to Jan Morris’s letter in today’s (17/02/2017) NDL

It was heartening to read Jan Morris’s response (Feb. 17) to my letter on some of the same-sex marriage issues. (Feb. 16) We need to discuss the issues freely in public, and consider all our concerns openly.

It is a pity Ms Morris did not address the particular issues I mentioned, confining herself merely to a few assertions of belief and a cry for emotional identification.

She actually demonstrated the ways I foresee the debate being conducted. 

My initial letter was a great deal longer, containing substantive evidence for various conclusions.  A great deal of the evidence was gained from reading the “Exposure Draft of the Marriage Amendment (Same-Sex Marriage) Bill” opened to discussion by a Select Committee in the Senate. I also read all the contributions from all the people and groups making submissions to this committee. It took some time.

I recommend that everybody with any interest in this debate to go and do likewise. They will then start with a stronger understanding of what is actually going on.

There are major impediments to change in our own Constitution and the United Nations statements about various “rights” and consequent behaviours - The Universal Declaration and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. These need to be understood by us all.

All of these are available on the internet.

Ms Morris’s insistence “It is simply about love, love of our fellow man” cuts no ice, helps no one understand, and persuades no one. Fundamental values are foundations for human love and its expression throughout society.

Bruce Watson

Kentucky NSW


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