Faces of Tamworth: Bruce Hamer's silos still stand in Tamworth today

REMEMBERED: Face of Tamworth Bruce Hamer worked as a plumber and sheet metal worker in Tamworth.
REMEMBERED: Face of Tamworth Bruce Hamer worked as a plumber and sheet metal worker in Tamworth.

PLUMBER and sheetmetal worker Bruce Hamer grew up on a dairy farm on the outskirts of Tamworth.

His handmade tanks and grain silos still stand on properties today.

Daughter Kerrie Ward said her father had a heart of gold.

“He was a very proud man, his father Cecil Hamer fought in the first and second World Wars,” she said.

“Our father was often paid for his tanks and grain silos with a lamb, a pig, a calf, his children through this was great.

“He was a typical man of the times, worked many hours and didn’t spend a lot of time on holidays with us – he often said, ‘Oh no kids I can’t come away on holidays with you because my tomatoes might be ripped’.

“It still makes us giggle today because it was the standard excuse for a lot of things, he did love his fruit trees and veggie garden.”

As a young boy he attended CBC School and Tamworth High School, back then the high school was where Tamworth Primary School is.

But, he left at age 14 to help on the dairy farm.

Working at the Tamworth Gas Works, Goddard Industry where he had an apprenticeship with sheet metal working and plumbing, until he set up his own business Remah Products.

“I can remember dad riding his push bike to do Kobe’s with copper piping strapped on the bar of the bike that was longer than the bike,” Ms Ward said.

“He had a wire basket on the front that he carried his tools in.”

Mr Hamer was involved with the 12/15 Hunter River Lancers and the Tamworth Lions Club, so Anzac Day was very special to him.

In the later years of his life, he sold his business and spent hours playing with his grandchildren.

He lamented the time he spent working and not playing with his own children, Ms Ward said.

“He was the best grandfather, his grandchildren always enjoyed his company and came away with a story or two to tell of their time with poppy Hamer,” she said.

“Dad passed away in 2000, five days later his first great grandson was born.

“I am sure he passed his gentle heart to his grandson.”

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