Dressage event draws a crowd

Armidale Riding Club’s season is ready to start with riders striding out for the first competition of the year on Sunday. 

There are around a whopping 180 tests for the day and newly re-elected president Kerrie Crees said it is shaping up to be a successful day. 

"We have got very good entries, especially for this time of year because people are only just getting their horses back into work," she said. 

"Really good entries tapering off to the higher tests but new faces, new members so we are looking forward to a really successful day. The grounds are looking good, weather is not too hot which is great."

The reputation for the competitions local club speaks for itself with riders and horses coming from all over the region to take part. 

“We have people coming from out of town as well, very pleasing for the start of the year," Crees said. 

“We have judges coming up from the coast, we have five judges for the weekend."

With so many tests on throughout the day, the Kennedy Street equestrian centre is set to be a hive of activity from dusk through to dawn. 

“Three arenas, we are starting at 8.30am and don’t finish until about 4pm so full on," Crees said. 

“We would love for anyone who is interested to enjoy the dressage, watch and see the show.

This year is shaping up to be better than ever with more people interested in getting involved in the club. 

“We had our AGM on Tuesday, we have had a number of people step up to the plate and take up positions so we are looking forward to a really good team and this year’s competition," Crees said. 

“We always welcome new members, they can go to our website. 

“We run our membership through subscribe.”

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