See what Tamworth was reading in March 2017

It was all about the Tamworth Show during march last year. Tamworth celebrated their last Agricultural Show at the old Showground before this year’s big event at the ALEC. 

Major concerns about crime and court cases continued.

And everyone was feeling festive about St Patrick’s Day and Shrove Tuesday as the Catholic Schools get ready for Easter.

The top read story for the month however was the farewell to Michael Adams, a Tamworth resident and devout Rugby League fan. Hundreds packed out the TRECC to say goodbye to him. 

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See the awesome gallery of how Tamworth celebrated the 144th Annual ShowIn other social news crowds flocked to Nundle to raise money for Muscular Dystrophy sufferer Drew Schofield. Also see how the Tamworth kids celebrated St Patrick’s Day last year and the perfect day for a picnic.

Many of you clicked on how the Police Service honored murdered highway cop. 

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