Jessica Lloyd's Queen Profile

Name: Jessica Joan Lloyd

Age: 24 years  

From: I was born in Campbelltown, I’ve lived in Tamworth for 21 years 

Who is your sponsor? House with no steps 

Why did you enter the quest? 

I joined the country music queen quest as I thought it would be a great opportunity and learning curve to also meet new people and hopefully gain some life long friends and build my confidence. 

What is the most interesting thing about you?

I love spending time with house with no steps because they make me feeling very special they are like my family and I been with house with no steps for 6 years. I also enjoy cooking and practicing for my license. My passion is to one day help others with a disability to achieve their goals and become independent.

Where would you send someone to visit if were in Tamworth for the first time? I think the best place for someone to visit in tamworth is the golden guitar, I believe it is the most popular attraction.

Who or What’s your favourite band/or song? 

The Sunny Cowgirl – summer 

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What has been the best thing about the queen quest so far?

The best thing about the Queen quest so far is the toastmasters.

What would you do if you were crowned queen?

My dream is to become more involved in the community and further the access for disabled people into community buildings.

What queen responsibility or perk are you most looking forward to? 

If I was crowned queen the most important advantage I would like, is to have the ability to change the community and even the district so that it would suit everybody.