Could Tamworth host the TV Week Logies?

Funny ol' world, isn't it? Who could have predicted that a bunch of glitter-'n-sequined, star-studded TV celebrities wouldn't want to visit the Gold Coast? It would have seemed like a match made in glossy-magazine heaven. But there you go.

Then again, we have to agree for the most part. Sure, the Gold Coast has pristine beaches, a stunning location and vibrant night-life, but not a stitch does it hold on Tamworth.

No wonder the venue for the 2018 Logies is in such contention. It looks like that beautiful, flashy hot mess of an awards night could go to just about anyone with a spare million bucks to host it.

Dubbo and Albury have put their hands up, and the NSW Nats appear to be in a twittery head spin at the idea that the biggest televised party of the year could go from Crown Casino soiree to outback bush bash.

But let's be real for a second. If anyone should be hosting the Logies, it's Tamworth.

Karl Stefanovic of Today show fame might have taken exception with the idea of moving the Logies from Melbourne.

But even he would have to come around on a Tamworth event when he found out how many stray Queenslanders show up here during State of Origin.

Why wouldn't you want to come to the Tamworth Logies? Imagine the spread we could put on: Jack’s Creek award winning Wagyu beef steaks (officially the best in the world), some culinary genius a la CH on Peel, Powerhouse or Pig and Tinder, and we might even stock the eskies with a few of Peterson’s Winery’s finest for the occasion.

And if we know anything about Karl and the Logies, it’s that he doesn’t mind a good steak.

But even if the food couldn't win them over, surely the after party would. Who needs fancy Club 23 in Melbourne when you could be sinking a few tinnies around the campfire down Drop Bear Lane?

Not to mention, the Kiwi celebs would feel right at home in Tamworth. We're sure New Zealand-born Packed to the Rafters star Rebecca Gibney and a certain New England MP would have loads to talk about while they were here.

Music? Well, Tamworth is the Country Music Capital. Not to go strumming our own Golden Guitar but in all the years Molly Meldrum didn't visit Tamworth, Countdown never had a revival. Jus' sayin.

All in all, we reckon the Logies were made for Tamworth. But let's not oversell it.