Haley Rose disqualified from driving until 2045; jailed for 12 months in Armidale Local Court for driving in Armidale

A WOMAN disqualified from driving until 2045 has been jailed for 12 months after she was caught behind the wheel again.

Haley Rose sobbed and banged her head against the dock of Armidale Local Court on Thursday morning after she was handed a minimum of nine months behind bars.

The 20-year-old was caught by police in Armidale on Wednesday morning speeding and resisted officers when they tried to arrest her.

She was already on four good behaviour bonds for driving whilst suspended or disqualified three times in 2016, and once the year before.

Rose pleaded guilty to the fresh charges and Aboriginal Legal Service (ALS) solicitor Nick Forrest conceded a friend had lent Rose the keys to her car allowing her to drive.

Mr Forrest said Rose had been studying and “making real efforts in TAFE” because she wanted to go to university.

“We would be asking for special circumstances, this would be her first time in custody,” he told the court.

We would be asking for special circumstances, this would be her first time in custody. It would be a wake-up call.

ALS solicitor Nick Forrest

“It would be a wake-up call.”

Magistrate Michael Holmes said Rose had only been caught a “short time ago” and “was warned before about what would occur”.

“She’s been given a lot of chances, a lot of chances,” he said.

“She’s currently disqualified from driving for a considerable time, the disqualification period goes right through to 2045.”

Rose was disqualified from driving for two more years and will be eligible for parole in December.