#OurTamworth: Why we love this city | Editorial

TAMWORTH is so much more than the Country Music Festival, which is why The Leader is launching the #OurTamworth campaign.

It’s always hard to draw people way from the coast or metropolitan areas to make the tree change, but if any city can do it, it’s Tamworth.

We aren’t the back of Bourke. Tamworth sits halfway between Sydney and Brisbane, and just over three hours from the coast.

We have brand new, state-of-the-art health facilities, a growing retail sector and a bustling CBD. 

Our restaurant and dining options have recently exploded and many of the cafes along Peel Street wouldn’t look out of place in a trendy Melbourne suburb.

The local sporting scene is strong and competitive, regardless of what creed you follow, while the fields and facilities are some of the finest in regional NSW.

Compared to Sydney or Newcastle, houses are still affordable – the average house price is $300,000 and the average rent is $320 a week.

So why is Tamworth (and the New England region) struggling to attract skilled workers?

A local hairdresser forked out $8000 on advertising across all corners of the country in a bid to secure a senior staff member. 

But she received not one application. 

And it’s not a standalone case.

Perhaps the city has a perception problem.

When you mention Tamworth to someone only vaguely aware of the city, they’ll inevitably mention country music.

Being so thoroughly defined by one thing can be a double-edged sword at times – you live and die by that definition.

We all know Tamworth has much more to offer than just the Country Music Festival, but how do we advertise that?

Tamworth Regional Council is actively trying to attract people from our capital cities through the Evocities campaign.

But the burden doesn’t just fall on council’s shoulders. It is up to us to show the nation why Tamworth is the best regional city in NSW.

Tag your photos on your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, with #OurTamworth to show everybody why you love this city.

We will pick the best ones and incorporate them into future stories.


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