Three dead after car goes off cliff

LATEST: The five-year-old boy is being flown to Scone Hospital with minor injuries.

He will be then transported to John Hunter Children's Hospital by road ambulance.

New details reveal the accident occurred on Monday, not Sunday as previously reported.

EARLIER: Three people have died after a car went over a cliff near Timor. 

The accident, believed to have happened on Sunday, saw a car go off a cliff on a property along Waverley Road. 

The Westpac Rescue Helicopter was tasked to the region north of Scone on Monday afternoon when emergency services were notified by one of the people in the vehicle.

The Newcastle helicopter was called off due to confirmation that there were three dead adults on board the vehicle.

The medical crew on board the Tamworth helicopter were treating a five-year-old boy who survived the accident on Monday night.

It is believed members of family went searching for the vehicle and found it earlier on Monday.