Beware of email scam

LOCALS are the latest to be hit by a scam warning people they have to front court in Tamworth.

Tamworth is the latest location to be caught by the scam with a number of concerned residents contacting the registry at the court house.

The locals reported receiving an email notifying them they had to attend court on a certain day, armed with a list of  documents and information.

The fake email also contains warnings of the consequences the receivers will face if they don’t comply.

The email typically contains an attachment disguised as a court notice, but in fact it contains a computer virus.

The Department of Fair Trading has issued a caution on the scam, warning locals not to open the attachments after reported incidents in the Tamworth area.

“If you click on the attachment, your computer is infected with a virus and your security and personal information is comprised,” the department warned.

A number of worried locals phoned the court house after receiving the scam email, but the department is urging residents to ignore the emails.

“Whatever you do, don’t click on the link,” the department said.

Fair Trading Commissioner Rod Stowe said locals should never let their guard down.

“Scammers never sleep,” Mr Stow said. “They plague people 24/7 with variations on scams and new scams emerging almost daily.”

The court has confirmed it does not communicate with anyone via email who is not involved in a court proceeding, nor does it send emails with threats to take action if you fail to appear in court.

Instead, locals are being urged to delete any potential scam email notifications, and instead contact the local registry if in doubt.


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