VIDEO, PHOTOS: Performers unite in song for Annaliese

COUNTRY performers came together on Saturday to help out gifted 20-year-old Annaliese Porter.

The child prodigy suffers from ailments including Asperger's syndrome, multiple brain tumours, epilepsy, diabetes, scoliosis and hearing and vision impairment

Performers including Two Gals- Wendy Wood and Carolyne Morris got together with Wanita to organise the concert to help pay mounting medical, travel and accommodation expenses due to Miss Porter's illnesses.

Other artists including Marie Hodson, Kelly and Jodie Crosby, Lawrie and Shelley Minson, Lynette Guest, Kerry Walsh and Mike Casey and walk-up artists gave their time and talents to help make the concert a success.

The concert at West Tamworth Bowling Club raised $3700 to help the family with mounting medical bills.

Miss Porter's grandmother, Margaret Porter, said they had hoped to raise more, but the cold and stormy weather had probably put people off coming out to the concert.

"We are having another concert with John Muller on July 25 at the community centre," she said.

"We were hoping to get $5000."

Ms Porter said it was a fun day at the concert with lots of prizes and giveaways and the artists and supporters so giving of their time.

"Annaliese enjoyed herself," she said.

"She couldn't stay for a long time, but on the way home she said to her mother that she felt so good because she didn't think the community cared about it."