Council wants answers - Resident phone survey

About 600 residents across the Tamworth Regional Council area will get the chance to tell the council what they think of it over the next two weeks.

The lucky lot will be on the end of a telephone survey designed to provide TRC with some first-hand detail on consumer satisfaction levels with council services.

The phone-around will start tomorrow and be handled by consultancy firm Micromex Research.

TRC general manager Paul Bennett has pre-warned ratepayers about the survey – so they don’t think it’s just some scam call and hang up.

He wants them to hang on for a few minutes and tell it like it is for them.

Mr Bennett said the survey aimed to collect responses to a series of questions and represent a variety of demographic groups; it is the first time since an initial survey seven years ago delivered comprehensive and reliable feedback. 

The questions will ask about experiences residents have had when dealing with TRC and seek their opinions on a number of services it delivers.

Mr Bennett said the responses will help TRC decide future strategies.

“We are hoping residents who are contacted will take a few minutes to answer some questions which will give council a clear indication of the level of importance that they give to the range of activities we undertake, as well as tell how satisfied they are with how those activities are being delivered,” Mr Bennett said.

“With an increasing focus on aligning council activities with identified community needs, and at the same time balancing the allocation of re- sources and providing for the growth of the region, it is imperative that council’s strategic decisions are based on reliable information.”

Mr Bennett said the survey will also provide an opportunity to measure the local community’s level of support for the establishment of a “capital fund” to be used solely to fund new infrastructure and new community facilities.

Micromex Research has conducted community research projects for more than 50 councils across NSW and Australia and the responses to this survey would be analysed and then a report delivered to TRC.


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