Your say: We’re tired of this ongoing nonsense

The new Prime Minister, Scott Morrison.
The new Prime Minister, Scott Morrison.

THE Leader hit the pavement to get the thoughts of local residents on the political turmoil plaguing Canberra.

Overwhelming, there was a disillusionment with the nation’s political leaders and their behaviour.

When Tamworth resident Matt Chessell looks at the political turmoil happening in Canberra, he’s filled with an “incredibly disappointed”.

“It’s disconcerting and it’s discouraging,” Mr Chessell said.

“I think people get confused as to how we elect our governments here in Australia. We don’t actually vote for the PM, so it’s the parties I'm disappointed in.

“It's disappointing too, because it seems that leaders that have a particular mandate or a passion for something get torn down, right when they're about to get something across the line.

“Malcolm Turnbull seemed to lose his way and lose his vision.”

Come election time, Mr Chessell said he couldn’t “see how people would forget this”, but wouldn’t be surprised if people “lose focus on what their vote is worth in an election”.

He also raised concerns about how it looked from an international perspective.

“If we're ever going to mean anything or contribute to a meaningful way on the world stage, we have to have a stable government that is working towards goals,” he said.

Clare Wilson said the whole situation was “really, really damaging” to both the people of Australia and the Liberal Party.

“This close to an election, it makes the Liberal Party looks very weak,” he said.

“The election is going to happen in the next year, they're not going to forget, they're not that stupid.”

While previous leaders who have rolled their predecessors have been elected – Julia Gillard in 2010 and Malcolm Turnbull in 2016, Ms Wilson said “people are over it”.

“There's going to be a backlash. I can't see a way the Coalition wins the next election,” Ms Wilson said.

“The last person to serve a full term was John Howard, and that was more than 10 years ago. People are sick of it.”