HSC students brush with Tamworth art bounty

HSC students from around the region had a brush with Tamworth’s artistic bounty, as local teachers got their kids in the picture for upcoming exams.

Tamworth High art teacher Tina Poder organised a two-day workshop for the region’s HSC visual arts students to make sure country kids weren’t missing out on any opportunities afforded to their city cousins.

“There’s a big gap between regional and city kids,” Ms Poder said.


“Hopefully, this is closing the gap.

“It wouldn’t take much for a city kid to hop on train and go to a gallery for an afternoon and think none the wiser.

“It’s a long way to go the gallery for some of these kids.”

The program helped the students develop their art writing skills and personal philosophies on art.

Ms Poder said bringing together students from Tamworth, Quirindi and Oxley High, as well as Farrer, made for a great debate on art philosophy.

“There’s nothing for art students except for this,” Ms Poder said.

“Music students go to band camp and build a real sense of community.

“We hope [this program] does that for the art kids.”

The students also had a gallery tour, as well as a session with retired Tamworth art teacher Peter Hooper who designed the Picasso Guitar in Bicentennial Park.