Are there any leaders out there?

Are you as excited to watch the Federal Budget as I am? The suspense!

Personally I would rather sort my own toe nail clippings in chronological order, and then rank them according to flavour, and I don’t think I am alone.

Was it always like this? Or is this wave of political ambivalence just another symptom of the current batch of politicians.

The same politicians who seem to have cornered the old magicians trick of waving a bright hanky and making noise over here, so we don’t see what they are doing with their other hand (and feet) over there.

The worst part about it is that they, almost to the man, or woman, believe it works. They haven’t caught on to the fact that Australians are actually just humouring them, politely nodding and smiling before carrying on with our lives, lest we hear more lies, petulance and grandstanding from those stand up souls who represent us.

I have covered several Federal Budgets over the years, and while some years ago your average punter on the street would know what the changes meant, or comment on what it means to them, slowly but surely that well has dried up – people just don’t care anymore because nothing ever seems to change.

It is no surprise that, like a Cheshire Cat, Scott Morrison has leaked information about huge infrastructure spends, as well as a reduction in income tax.

Would that have anything to do with this being an election budget Mr Morrison?

You can guarantee every single one of those infrastructure spends will be gutted, rebuilt and wrung-out as election promises, rinsing out every last drop of political leverage possible.

Meanwhile costs of living are crippling the nation, the NBN roll-out has been as absurd as it has been tragic, the public health system is failing, the education system has lost a generation and now politicians can’t sleep with their staff.

Don’t get me wrong, the Labor Party, and others, have all proven themselves to be equally inept and unaccountable in recent times.

All I really want to see is something that resembles leadership – decisions made and stood by, legislation put in place for the good of the people, honesty and transparency at the know, governance, I think they call it.

Are there any leaders out there? Anybody?

Ok, pass me the nail clippers.