Our say || Tamworth’s dancing stars need your help, so dig deep if you can

A HANDFUL of brave souls are stepping (or dancing) outside their comfort zone to raise money for a great cause, but they still need the community to get behind them.

Remembering the routine is only half the battle for those putting their hand up for the Tamworth Stars Dancing for Cancer – they’re responsible for raising the much needed funds to support Cancer Council.

The Leader’s own Jamieson Murphy has put his hand up and will be dancing the French tango (which I’m informed is much more ‘violent and passionate’ than the regular tango), with the talented Lily Singh.

Last year, The Leader’s deputy editor Ella Smith (who recently said farewell to the paper, with plans to go travelling abroad) got her Queen B on, dancing along to Beyonce’s Single Ladies.

Cancer Council is 96 per cent community funded, so it really relies on these fundraisers.

And importantly, the money stays local. It helps keep the doors of Inala House open, giving local cancer patients and their carers free accommodation right next to the hospital during their treatment.

The money raised will also go towards Cancer Council’s transport-to-treatment service, helping those with no transport, and those too ill to drive or take public transport, to get to the hospital for their lifesaving treatment - with two operating in the Tamworth region, one for the city and one for the surrounding villages, and another servicing Narrabri. 

Cancer Council also plans to add a fourth vehicle and extend the service to Armidale before the end of the year.

These might sound like little things, but in a time of crisis, those little reliefs can make the world of difference.

Because regional and rural communities face greater challenges in accessing quality health care, the benefit from these events carry more weight out in the bush – Cancer Council says for every dollar raised in a rural or regional community, the community gets a $1.45 back.

None of us have to look far to find someone in our lives that has been touched by cancer. While it may be a cliche to say ‘every little bit counts’, it still rings true.

If you see one of the stars out in the community, gingerly asking you to buy a raffle ticket, give them a smile and make a donation (and maybe ask them how the blisters on their feet are going).