CWA Namoi Group conference: Curlewis

Curlewis became a hub of activity as CWA branches from across the region gathered for the Namoi Group conference.

About 70 women converged on Curlewis hall on Wednesday, with state president Annette Turner travelling all the way from White Cliffs. Among the women were members of the Gunnedah and Curlewis branches.

Werris Creek branch member, Betty Cross, opened the conference in lieu of Gunnedah mayor Jamie Chaffey.

“I’d like to tell you something – I’m the same age as your branch,” Ms Cross said.

“The Namoi Group has come a long way in 95 years.

“It has prospered.”

CWA state president Annette Turner speaks at the Namoi Group conference.

State president Annette Turner said she had a goal of getting out to visit each of the branches before the end of her term.

“I want to get out and meet everyone in their branches,” she said.

“When I get out and I see people and I see the passion, I just love it.”

Namoi Group president Yvonne Argent was also present at the conference and reflected on her battle with breast cancer this year.

“The support I have received from the Namoi Group has been nothing short of amazing and I thank each and everyone of you from the bottom of my heart,” she said.

“You have picked my up both physically and mentally.

“Our vice presidents have stood in for me at meetings etc. and I thank you of you; you have helped carry the load and done a wonderful job of it.”

Ms Argent reflected on CWA activities throughout the year, mentioning the success of AgQuip, a fundraiser for Lyme disease, and the state conference in Tumbi Umbi. 

It is the final year that Ms Argent will hold the position of group president.

“As your representative for the past three years, I have enjoyed representing our group and it has been an honour to hold this position,” she said.

“I say to anyone taking from me, it is a wonderful insight to how CWA runs and an amazing time forming friendships from across the state.

“I leave you with this thought – we belong to an amazing organisation that supports rural women and children and more importantly, support one another.”