Lisa Reabow's warning after break in at South Tamworth home

A WOMAN has appealed for South Tamworth residents to remain vigilant after thieves broke into her home while her family slept.

Lisa Reabow confronted a young hooded thief in her Morilla St home late on Tuesday night after investigating a noise from within the home.

Mrs Reabow said she initially thought the hooded person was her young daughter because of the build of the youth.

She said the boy, believed to be about 12 years old, fled the home with her purse that included pocket money for her children for a weekend getaway.

A set of car keys was also taken from the home.

She told The Leader she believes the young boy broke in through the locked laundry door and young children were being used to commit the crimes because they were less likely to be severely punished.

"It's horrible, you're all nervous now and keep everything locked up and keep looking out the window when you hear a noise,” she said.

"We've just got to all look out for each other and hopefully they will change the law - it’s only going to get worse if nothing can be done.”

Mrs Reabow said her purse was found a couple of blocks away but the cash was missing.

It’s the second time in the last two years their home has been broken into.

“It (the house) was all locked up,” she said.

“He forced the laundry door open and from what we saw when he ran out he had the laundry door open and the gate open so he could exit quickly.

"You don't expect someone in your house like that.”