Tamworth Basketball Association: fund-driver to get wheels for teams

A fundraiser with a lofty, noble goal is under way in an attempt to gift the Tamworth Basketball Association a new bus.

FUNDRAISER: Tamworth basketball may soon have shiny wheels.

FUNDRAISER: Tamworth basketball may soon have shiny wheels.

The endeavour is being carried out by the Canberra-based Australian Sports Foundation, which says it has raised some $300 million since his inception by the federal government in 1986, and is targeting the $75,000 needed in tax-deductible donations to get TBA the bus to ferry teams to tournaments.

“The tyranny of distance in regional sports is a major hurdle for young boys and girls and young adults to achieve their ambitions,” ASF spokesman Greg Campbell said.

“If this (the bus) takes people to Sydney and Brisbane to compete in tournaments to be seen, who knows, some of these people could be the next Patty Mills, Chris Anstey, those guys who have gone on to NBA greatness.”

Donations can be made via this link: