Adam Harvey throws his name behind Clipex Fencing and Stockyards at Tamworth Country Music Festival.

Adam Harvey has been announced as the 2017 Brand Ambassador for Clipex Fencing and Stockyards.

Clipex CEO Ned Olsson said the family-owned business is looking forward to partnering with the eight-time golden-guitar winner.

“Adam is such a likeable, genuine and down-to-earth bloke, so it’s great to have him on board to help us share our story this year,” Ned said.

A natural storyteller, Adam said he grew up listening to country music.  

“I used to sit and strum along to Dad’s Johnny Cash records and I fell in love with all the songs and the stories and those great singers,” Adam said, adding that his two children are now musical.

“Music is a wonderful thing, even if it’s just for therapy. For them to go and play guitar or piano or write a song. It’s a wonderful thing for kids to learn,” Adam said.

With three ARIA Music Award nominations and a legion of fans, Adam is looking forward to returning to Tamworth and performing on stage.

“There is a lot of doom and gloom in the world and if people can come to a show, have a sing along and laugh at some stories, and just sort of escape, it’s great. It’s wonderful to be able to do that,” Adam said, adding that he respects the trust of his audience.

“The country music audience have a lot of faith in the artists and what they’re been told by the artists, so it’s always been very important for me to pick companies I support very carefully and make sure it’s something I genuinely believe in and would want to endorse to someone down the street or at the pub - it has to be genuine.”

With strong agricultural roots, the Olsson family invented Olsson’s Salt Blocks back in the 1940’s and picked up the Australian National Farm Invention of the Year in 2008, with their nine-slot fencing post known as ‘bluey’. Clipex products are manufactured in a wholly owned and operated factory in China, with fencing products and cattle and sheep yards sold throughout the world.

“One of the things I love about the Clipex story is that it is one family that have worked together and started something really great – I just love that,” Adam said. “Mum and Dad were both hard working and we have a very strong work ethic as a family and hopefully that has rubbed off on my kids now.”