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Farmers eyeing off Caroona mine site

Return it back to native land, no mining, no farming, no water for irrigation. Make it a wildlife area for tourism that’s the environmental way to go, but that wont happen.

Multinational farming companies will buy it back and destroy it anyway and the government will still have a problem.

Grahame Coleman

Don’t sugar coat the big fat truth

Plenty of sugar in fruit and fruit juices, so she hasn't really cut out sugar at all, just the form in which the family consume it.

The current anti-sugar crusade is just another cycle of quick fix health advice.

Any diet that consists of getting rid of one element (salt, cholesterol, fat, carbohydrates, sugar, food colouring, gluten-unless you're a diagnosed coeliac) without taking a holistic approach is doomed to failur.

Henry Curtmantle

If "stop eating and do exercise" worked as an effective public health strategy , we wouldn't have a growing obesity epidemic.

We've been learning about healthy diet and exercising in schools for decades. The reality is that highly processed sugary foods are more convenient and cheaper than healthy options.

Aaren Tebbutt 

How about people start being responsible for their own health. For GOD sake ICE isn't legal and zero tax is collected on it but it's costing the community dearly!! Pffft

​Vicki Jennar 

Missing the point again. Anything that stops adults BUYING the junk food in the first place would go a long way to avoid children becoming hooked on sweet foods. And don't get me started on tooth decay!

​Cynthia Wilson 

Emergency levy added to local rates

So does this mean the end of the incessant phone calls from the SES and Fire Brigades at lunch and tea times selling raffle tickets?

The levy is set, so I don't expect to be asked for money over the phone again. And yes, I always had my house insured and paid the levy.

Ian Walmsley


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