Tips to beat the heat 

* Increase your water intake. 10 to 15 glasses of water will help you stay hydrated throughout the day. 

* Loose and light-coloured clothes are best, and natural fibres are even better, like cotton and linen. Dark-coloured clothes absorb more heat. 

* Include vegetable salads and whole grains in your meals and eat small meals at regular intervals. This will keep your body cool. 

* Eat fresh and juicy summer fruits like watermelons, melons, lychees and mangoes. 

* If you have to exercise, only do it when heat and humidity is at its lowest, like early morning or evening. Be sure to drink water after every 20 minutes of exercise. 

* Wear sunglasses with 100 per cent UV protection in the sun. A cap or a hat will also protect you from the harsh sunrays. 

* Shower at regular intervals to keep your body cool. Two or three showers on a hot summer day will leave you feeling fresh. 

* Avoid switching on lights at home as they increase the heat inside. 

* Keep glucose or sports water handy as they help in restoring all the minerals and salts required to regulate the body. 

* Avoid hot drinks like coffee and tea, say yes to ice-creams.

Red Cross’s top five tips for beating the heat:

* Keep out of the heat – Avoid strenuous activity, plan your day to avoid going out in the sun and make sure your pantry is well stocked for the hot period.

* Stay cool – Ensure there is sufficient air circulation in your home, either from an air-conditioner or by leaving a secured window or door open. Consider going to air-conditioned buildings, such as a library or shopping centre, to cool off.

* Drink frequently – Drink water regularly and avoid alcohol, tea, coffee and sugary drinks.

* Recognise and act on signs of heat stress – Watch out for signs of heat exhaustion (such as muscle cramps, exhaustion, nausea and/or dizzy spells) and heat stroke (such as no longer sweating, red and hot skin, a rapid pulse and/or irrational behaviour).

* Get help and help others – Get to know your neighbours and do not be afraid to ask for or offer help on hot days.

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If you don’t have air-conditioning, try the movies or places like art galleries and museums, where there is air- conditioning. 

Create a wind tunnel - Most people know to open a window if it gets hot, but the real trick to getting a breeze through is to open two windows – on either side of a room or house. The two openings will create something of a pull-through effect and the breeze will be enticed to wander through your living room– a very welcome visitor!

Keep the curtains and shades Drawn - While you’re out at work, keep all the curtains in the house drawn. If the curtains are open the sun is absorbed into the house at a quicker rate, and the heat becomes trapped inside. You’ll be amazed and the difference a bit of shade makes to the temperature!

Go Grocery Shopping - And spend a lot of time loitering in the dairy section! The refrigerators in your local supermarket are the perfect (free) way to combine a chore and a merciful cool-down!

Invest in a pool Inflatable pools are good but so is the bathtub on days like this. Just ensure safety.

Tips for New England North West region residents to beat the heat this summer. Photo: Fairfax

Tips for New England North West region residents to beat the heat this summer. Photo: Fairfax


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