Letters to the editor: September 22

IN FLIGHT: Readers are divided over whether Tamworth mayor Col Murray is right in stating cuts to air services is another blow to the bush.

IN FLIGHT: Readers are divided over whether Tamworth mayor Col Murray is right in stating cuts to air services is another blow to the bush.

Same-sex marriage

Thank you to Michael Quilty and Gus Batley for their insightful and common sense comments in the NDL Letters to the Editor page Wednesday 21st September 2016.

I also find the term ‘marriage equality’ confusing – I don’t know what it all means!

The term ‘same-sex marriage’ is easier to understand and describes the issue better I think.

If the Labour party do not support the plebiscite I, for one, will be very upset.  I wish to have my vote on this issue.

Lynette Stevens,


Virgin slashes flights

I have to say that Mayor Col Murray is spot on when he blasted the plans that would see Virgin slash flights on the Tamworth to Sydney route "Flights slashed, NDL, September 21st, 2016.

This would hinder the decentralisation of services and enterprise to Tamworth and the surrounding regions.

Since Virgin Australia started flying the Tamworth-Sydney route in May last year, people in the region saw the opportunity to use a competitive alternative service to QantasLink, Virgin Australia's investment has been warmly welcomed and in the interest of business growth and tourism, our Civic leaders and the public have to fight for these slots to be returned.

It's too much of a risk if we don't.

Shane Moran,


A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

The TRC caretaker Mayor would be wise to accept some advice.

To paraphrase a very old saying: A bird in the hand is worth two, in THE BUSH (just ask the mayor of any town without an airline service), so be very, very, very careful that while you are chasing around, wailing and beating your chest about one bird, you are not disrespecting, undervaluing, insulting and upsetting the bird that the city has.

Allan James Joyce,

West Tamworth

Dementia Awareness Month

During Dementia Awareness Month, which runs throughout September, Alzheimer’s Australia is calling for greater awareness and understanding of dementia so people living with the condition feel less isolated and alone.

There are more than 353,000 Australians with dementia and an estimated 1.2 million people involved in the care of someone with dementia. In the Tamworth electorate there are an estimated 1,350 people living with dementia.

That figure is projected to increase to about 2,650 by 2050.

A survey just released by Alzheimer’s Australia has found that people with dementia are almost twice as likely to have high rates of loneliness, and people with dementia and carers are significantly more lonely than the general population.

We hear repeatedly that when someone is diagnosed with dementia, friendships and some family relationships suddenly disappear because people simply don’t know how to interact with their friend or loved one with dementia.

Treating people with the same respect, kindness, inclusiveness and thoughtfulness you always have is what makes a difference to them.

They are still the same person they were before the diagnosis.

They just may need a little bit more time, understanding and support.

I encourage your readers to find out more by going to www.fightdementia.org.au.

The Hon. John Watkins AM Professor Henry Brodaty AO

Chief Executive Officer Scientia Professor of Ageing and Mental Health

Alzheimer’s Australia NSW Co-Director, CHeBA (Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing) University of New South Wales

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