No basis for letter of doom and gloom

ALLAN Lisle has either been misinformed or is interested in misinforming your readers in his letter “Joyce not a member of Abbott’s mob”, published in The Northern Daily Leader on Saturday.

Mr Lisle depressingly warns that “Tamworth may lose the Basic Flight Training School for a very good reason”, citing that the member representing the area of Sale, Victoria, is a Liberal. 

Wrong, Mr Lisle – the member for Gippsland, which covers Sale, is a member of The Nationals, as is Barnaby.

Darren Chester is the parliamentary secretary to the minister for Defence, unlike Barnaby, who is a minister. 

There is no basis to Mr Lisle’s letter of doom and gloom.

Tamworth has plenty going for it in its quest to retain the BAE centre at our airport, but we need the support of the community, not members of the community prepared to undermine efforts by the use of fanciful innuendo and a hankering for a bygone era.

Councillor Mark Rodda


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